30th October 2017

October Construction Round-Up

October brings a mixed bag of news within the construction and contracting market. With house building on the rise, the commercial work is to stagnate next year. Nonetheless, there is plenty of activity aiming at reviving the industry. Keep reading for more insights…...

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  • September Construction Round-Up

    September Construction Round-Up

    The ‘back to school’ positivity that comes around when September does has trickled into the construction industry, with house building on the rise and hundreds of projects benefiting from CITB funding. Keep reading to get the full lowdown...

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  • August Construction Round-Up

    August Construction Round-Up

    August saw some ups and downs for the construction industry. While the sector has been slow to adopt process and technology innovations, this month brings the news of augmented reality and self-driving trucks to penetrate the market. Nonetheless, there are some signs of instability. Keep reading for more insights....

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  • July Construction Round-Up

    July Construction Round-Up

    Summer hasn’t slowed down the construction industry this July with reports highlighting positive growth. Social Media usage is on the increase, and a Dutch firm has brought smartphone virtual reality to the building site. Keep reading for more insights...

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  • June Construction Round-Up

    June Construction Round-Up

    June was an interesting month for the construction industry. With a shock general election result, many businesses across the industry are wondering what the implications for construction will be. On a positive note, UK construction activity has hit a 17-month high. Here we take a closer look at the latest headlines...

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