6th March 2015

What to Watch in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Vast developments in technology are transforming the way we do business. Intelligent, data driven business strategies are required to fuel growth, which is where Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 comes in...

Advances in technology are allowing businesses to maintain a competitive edge by providing access to business data anytime and anywhere. New cutting-edge ERP systems for construction and service management outshine legacy solutions by providing three core components which are invaluable to the modern business - accessibility, mobility, and insight.

In response to these demands Microsoft have developed Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, touted as “More Mobile and More Cloud”. The new release continues to deliver the tools required to streamline business processes while addressing the need for actionable, real-time business insight that can be accessed on any device, anywhere. Microsoft are continually investing in research and development to provide its NAV users with value and the means to grow.

NEW in Dynamics NAV 2015:

Instant Access: Business professionals demand access to data anytime, anywhere and the new “more mobile and more cloud” Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 delivers. It introduces the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client, optimised for use on touch screen devices allowing users to gain access to their company data from home or when out of the office on tablet devices.

Integration: The 2015 release integrates seamlessly with Office 365 to provide one of the most successful software combinations. Watch this short video to find out "How to Grow Beyond your Accounting Software" with Dynamics NAV 2015 and Office 365 integration:

Digestible Data: Big data is a big challenge for many businesses - turning data into insight can be difficult and in many systems requires in-depth and time consuming analysis. With NAV 2015 new Power Business Intelligence (BI) tools, tap into the full potential of data insights collected through day-to-day business processes. What's more, this tool extends into Excel allowing for easy analysis and manipulation of data.

Reporting: Reporting is an integral part of business management providing vital insight to help decision makers extract the most essential business data.New to NAV is Word Reporting, which enables users to customise and create their own document reports in the familiar Microsoft Word. And, for less confident users, there are predefined templates that can used or modified. In addition, it is now possible to maintain a constant flow of data analysis, ensuring your business is operating at optimum efficiency - users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 can schedule reports to run and appear the new Role Center Report Inbox.

Simplicity: There have been a variety of improvements to enhance each user’s experience of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Users can now customise and simplify their experience, making NAV easier to navigate than ever before. Added to this there are new intuitive dashboards that can be personalised to aid productivity and provide decision makers with relevant data at-a-glance. 

Rapid Start: Moving to Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now easier than ever before - whetheryou are an existing user or are new to NAV - the new “Rapid Start” functionality cuts the time of the implementation, saving time and money.

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