15th September 2015

How To Select The Right Construction Software Partner?

Developments in technology are revolutionising the construction and field service industries. Furthermore, adoption of ERP software within these industries is increasing significantly, driving growth and increasing competition. This highlights the need to find a good construction ERP software provider

In construction, contracting and service based industries it’s important the software used drives innovation, providing the means to monitor multiple locations and manage projects effectively. The ability to access up to date information and run reports from a centralised solution allows you to manage resources better and make informed business decisions.

Construction ERP software by nature is company-wide, delivering complete overview of a business, enabling accurate forecasts and business strategies based on insight, for a greater return on investment (ROI). However, choosing to invest in a new construction ERP system is just one part of the puzzle, the rest comes from the relationship you have with your chosen partner.

What to look for in a construction ERP provider ?

Vertical Specialisation- Construction is completely different to any other industry, it’s almost like speaking another language. Therefore, when you look for a Construction ERP provider it’s important to choose a partner that understands you. Here at Xperience Dynamics, our team of specialists have a combined 150 years of experience in these sectors. 

Credibility- Trust is imperative for an ERP implementation to prove successful, therefore you should look for a reputable partner. Look for a provider who not only specialises your industry, but one who can demonstrate success, provide references and case studies. It’s also worthwhile checking out accreditations and endorsements, these are good indicators of a trustworthy partner.

Customisation Capabilities- When it comes to ERP one-size most certainly does not fit all. Therefore, it’s wise to select a partner that can tailor the software to your exact needs. If your business processes are complex, it’s important to be mindful a thorough consultation process and scoping will incur costs, but it is a worthwhile investment as it guarantees the end result meets you expectations.

Proven Implementation Methodology- Implementation is fundamental to a successful Construction ERP project, therefore its worthwhile asking your chosen supplier about their implementation methodology. Added to this, it’s beneficial to check everything is documented, this provides you additional reassurance.

Service and Support- To get the maximum value from your investment it’s important you implementation is backed up by appropriate training, ongoing support and advice. 

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