7th January 2016

4 Tips For Choosing Field Service Management Software

Evaluating the various types of field service management software and selecting a solution can be a daunting prospect, which is why we've put together the following tips to help

Service Management Software, Where to start? 

The field service management industry is reportedly worth £10 billion and represents around 70% of the world's economy, however, only a third of the world's service businesses currently use a field service management solution. To help you effectively manage your field service operation and remain competitive it’s important to utilise new technologies, including field service management software. To help you find the right solution for your business we’ve put together some tips…  

Identify the functionality you need to efficiently run your business.
According to Capterra 74% of field service companies say functionality is a priority when choosing new software. By knowing what challenges you face with your current ways of working you’ll be able to identify what functionality you require in order to improve your service levels and ROI. When choosing a new solution, look for field service specific functions, such as equipment registers and graphical resource planning. It is also vital to select a solution that is configurable to your specific requirements and flexible enough to adapt with your client’s and business’ ever changing needs. 

Ensure mobile access is at the heart of the solution you choose.
Access to data and the ability to update data in real-time, while on the move is vital. Mobile service applications with signature and photo capture can be used for call completions and can capture proof of work, helping increase efficiency and allow for automatic invoicing. Added to this, real-time data ensures you’re able to effectively monitor and manage staff, maintain high standards of service and make strategic decisions based upon accurate business insights.

Only invest in a solution that provides secure access to your data.
Increased access through mobile devices can create additional security risks, therefore, before choosing a solution you should understand how data flows through your business. To maintain and improve the security of your data you should look for a solution that provides role-based permissions to sensitive data and specific functions. Tiered security will ensure only those with high-level access are able to make certain changes within the system and access confidential data.

Select a reliable solution and a partner to support you as you grow.
To benefit from a greater choice for ongoing support and maintenance choose a well-known, widely available solution. For example, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a reliable and well established solution is used by over 102,000 organisations worldwide. Once you’ve found the right solution ensure you find the right partner; look for a certified partner who can support you throughout the implementation process and beyond. Before investing, be sure to check out partner accreditations, gather references from other field service businesses and assess their financial stability. Another key consideration is location, look for support that’s local and be aware of companies that outsource to India, Asia and Central Europe, which can introduce language barriers and cultural differences.

And Finally…

The solution you choose should help reduce costs, improve cash flow, access to data, security and communication. To get the most from your investment it’s important your implementation is backed up by appropriate training and continual support.

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