9th June 2016

Dynamics GP vs. Dynamics NAV: Which is the best fit for your business?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics GP have a lot of similarities. They both fall into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software category and are a good fit for the mid-market sector; made by Microsoft Dynamics they certainly share genetics, but they're not twins and here is why

Dynamics NAV v Dynamics GP

At their core, both are fully comprehensive ERP Solutions that include a wide range of business management tools; which enable you to control everything from finance, supply chain and operations through to HR.  However, when it comes to choosing which best fits your business, you’ll need to understand the differences.


The key differentiator between Dynamics NAV and GP is customisation.  Dynamics NAV is completely customisable to match your business processes, ideal if you operate in vertical markets i.e. construction or service industry. Dynamics GP is less flexible when it comes to customisation but it’s ready to go ‘out of the box’ which makes it faster to implement. With the help of a Dynamics NAV partner, it is possible to develop NAV to reflect your business structure and unique processes.  Where MS Dynamics GP offers compatibility with hundreds of add-ons to deliver specific functionality.

Financial Management Functionality- In terms of financial management, Dynamics GP includes enhanced security and control features as well as wide-ranging functionality to help meet the unique needs of your business. Dynamics NAV on the other hand, has complete financial management functionality including a wider range of accounts, which offers the ability to track financial transactions via account dimensions. The benefit to businesses is that it results in fewer general ledger accounts.

Sales Order Processing

Sales order processing within Dynamics GP allows you to enter print and post sales orders, but also allows you to transfer sales documents from one type to another. For example, when goods or services are delivered to a customer, the documents can be transferred to an invoice, creating significant time-saving benefits. Dynamics NAV can do all of the above as well as allowing you to take advantage of a flexible report creation tool. This tool is highly useful to businesses as it can create invoices that are unique based on both company and customer requirements.   

When it comes to deciding between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP, it really depends on your business requirements, and of course your budget. As GP being is an out-of-the-box solution, it is suitable for businesses across a wide range of industries and involves less set-up, resulting in a shorter implementation time and ultimately less financial investment.  Dynamics NAV however, offers a great deal more functionality and has the scope to be adapted to how your business operates -on the other hand is ideal for businesses within niche industries who have specific requirements, as it can adapt quickly to changing business needs.

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