22nd November 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017: Bringing two worlds together

The latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 update brings seamless integration with Office 365- a winning combination for your business. The 2017 update takes unification to the next level with outstanding integration across the Microsoft stack including Office 365 and Power BI. So really you could say that it is bringing three worlds together.

What’s New in Dynamics NAV 2017?

If you’re an existing user you’ll want to know what you can expect to see from the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 release. As well as integration with Microsoft tools, you can expect to see improved intelligence and an enhanced user experience.  We’ve taken a closer look at the new features, to highlight how your business can benefit from even more functionality:

Increased Productivity

With NAV being accessible from Office 365 you can easily review, analyse and share data with colleagues. Not to mention the ability to effortlessly manage business interactions with your customers and vendors from directly within Outlook.

The Office 365 integration includes ad-in’s for email, calendar, contacts and word. These specific features will enable you to create custom email covers for invoices, trigger invoices directly from your calendar and sync NAV Contacts with Office 365 People. Not only will you save time on switching between applications, you’ll be providing a slicker, smoother experience to your customers.

Enriched Data Visualisation

Building on the latest release from Microsoft is rich business intelligence through Microsoft’s Power BI. The integration will enable you to stay up-to-date with real-time information for a better overview of your business.

Any report that is created in Power BI can be made available in the Dynamics NAV 2017 Role Centres. This enables you to get the information you need right from within your Role Centre. This advancement in business intelligence will empower you to create self-serve reports from a trusted data source, guaranteeing faster more informed decision making.

Outstanding Intelligence

No one can predict the future, but wouldn’t it be great if you had the functionality to predict your future sales and stock levels based on historical data? With ‘Cortana Intelligence’ now you can. Cortana uses machine learning algorithms and historical data to return high quality predictions and business insights. Built into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Cortana will allow you to make confident business decisions using predictive analysis tools.

Cortana can be used to predict future sales based on past sales, cash flow based on payables and receivables, as well as recommendations for cross sell based on what customers have bought. As a business, Cortana will enable you to work smarter. With more transparency you’ll be able to predict future sales and have an idea of expected stock levels, allowing you be more productive, save time, reduce costs and  ultimately make better business decisions.

A Superior Experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

The added functionality and integration features don’t compromise the user experience, in fact they add to it! The enhanced user experience and stunning visuals make it easier than ever before to navigate across your Construction Industry Specific ERP Solution. Not to mention, the consistency across all devices now makes it easier than ever to complete everyday tasks whether you’re in the office, or on the go!

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