18th December 2018

What Key Elements Make A Company Successful?

Do you have appropriate systems and processes in place to help you manage all aspects of your business? Are disparate solutions causing data, orders or opportunities falling through the cracks? Do you wish you had a single system to manage all of your business?

Microsoft often compares your business to a ‘house’, where rooms stand for business areas that keep the cogs turning. This year, this was a hot topic at Directions, an independent conference for Microsoft Partners, and it got us thinking  - What does this really mean for our customers and how you adopt systems and processes to maximise each room and ensure those cogs keep seamlessly turning?

Well, according to Microsoft 4 key elements (or rooms) make a company successful…

Why does business culture matter?

Microsoft suggests your company culture (room 1) is a reflection of what your organisation stands for, and as the voice of your business, your employees are key to ensuring that it succeeds. 

Addressing this ‘room’ is all about empowering your employees such by removing silos and giving them access to systems and information or data they need to make informed decisions. This will arm them with the tools they need to deliver exceptional products or services. It is also all about flexibility and collaboration, allowing people to work across your organisation and share information. 

How can customer service benefit my business?

No customer (room 2), no house!  According to Microsoft, 54% of customers have higher service expectations today than they had one year ago. And 68% of customers have a more favourable view of brands that offer or contact them with proactive customer service notifications. So how do you ensure customers are fully engaged with you, your brand and your products?

Exceptional CRM systems, such as Unite365, offer agents the latest customer and client information in real time, including buying trends to understand what they want to hear about. If you aren’t effectively talking to your customers, then someone else will be.

Is IT Infrastructure essential to competitive advantage?  

We’re sure you have heard (and possibly know) that technology (room 3 ) is the backbone of any business.  It’s your house’s foundations, and if unstable or in other words underpinned by outdated or obsolete IT, it can significantly limit your business’ ability to address key challenges and more importantly move forward with new opportunities. 

Therefore, if legacy technology is ruining the look of your house, you need to consider options to get the ‘remodelling’ you need! You need to be considering flexible IT that allows you to streamline processes, automatically connect and exchange information and a solution that allows your employees to become empowered.

What makes a product or service successful?

Your products are your revenue stream, therefore an extremely important part of your house – room 4. In fact, the reason you are empowering your employees, trying to engage your customers and are optimising your operations, are your products and services. Answer those questions:

  • Are your processes for getting your products to market lean and agile?
  • Are you staying ahead of the marketplace reinventing your products and services using your data and anticipating the needs of your customers?
  • Is your evolving business protected? 
  • How do you stay cutting edge?

The answer is simple. By having intelligent and agile technology, you can empower your employees and give them the ability to push your products and services far and wide to stay ahead of the marketplace.  With data insights and tools to understand customer needs, you can reinvent your products and services to fit in with customer expectations.  It’s a win-win!

What makes a business successful?

Does your business currently have the systems and processes to keep the cogs in the house turning? Perhaps you have one or two rooms nailed and it is a few others that need looking into, that’s ok, as long as you identify it and make the steps to start addressing it.

Here at Xperience Dynamics we have the tools, and most importantly the people, that can help you to start embracing the new world of “house building” (both literally and figuratively) through our certified solutions.

Get in touch for a consultation and find out how we can help you improve your business practices.

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