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13th April 2015

12 Wins in 12 Months

The seventh consecutive quarter of growth for the Construction industry sees Xperience Dynamics growth continue, with 12 project wins in 12 months.

12 Wins in 12 Months

New figures released as part of the Construction Products Association's trade survey, show that 44% of contractors experienced growth in the fourth quarter of 2014. Added to this, firms within the private housing sector experienced a staggering 53% rise in output. This growth comes as welcome news, as the construction and contracting industry is often regarded as the most volatile.

Noble Francis, economics director at the Construction Products Association comments, “Another quarter of growth confirms the construction industry’s strongest performance in six and a half years.” He went on to say, “Looking forward, contractors expect continued strength in private housing and commercial this year, boosted by public non-housing as a stream of work on the Priority School Building Programme gets under way.”

This continued growth is increasing confidence within the industry, which is reflected in more businesses investing in software solutions that streamline operations. This has resulted in Xperience Dynamics achieving 12 projects wins in 12 months as more businesses demand software that increases productivity and profitability by providing a company-wide project centric solution.

Alastair Sinclair Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Development at Xperience Group comments, “We have seen businesses across the whole of the UK adopt NAVcontracts in order to improve their processes and manage their growth with one single database that offers one version of the truth. Our customers are looking to manage the growth that they are experiencing without increasing their head count. They have achieved this by updating their construction software to the latest technology, which delivers up to date information on projects.”

Born from a demand for project centric ERP solutions within the construction industry, Xperience Dynamics has continued to prosper, which is reflected upon by the UK-wide adoption of the software they provide. The continued growth in the construction industry has been reflected in their success, whereby Xperience Dynamics secured a full order book for NAVcontracts in 2014 and this success has been reflected in the first quarter of 2015.

The industry may be experiencing growth but it is imperative that businesses do not become complacent. Competition is tough, which is why businesses should utilise the latest software to forecast costs and resource required for a project. Furthermore, they must monitor changes within the industry in order to adjust their strategies and focus where necessary, which can be achieved with NAVcontracts.

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