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22nd April 2016

Beyond spreadsheets: Effective Data Management Solutions

Gartner estimates that 50-60 per cent of companies rely on spreadsheets for planning and managing operations. However, with business growth comes a rise in the number of spreadsheets, significantly increasing the risk of human error. According to Forbes, Excel might be 'the most dangerous software on the planet', therefore in order to operate efficiently, businesses need to rethink their business systems to improve efficiency, productivity and agility.

Beyond spreadsheets: Effective Data Management Solutions

In our recent article, we identified ‘spreadsheets’ as the most common programme used by business professionals attending the itShowcase. For many construction and field service professionals, manual systems  often replace specialised software and are  used to manage cash flow, resources, orders, inventory and more. Ahead of the next itShowcase in Birmingham on 26th April, we show the implications of using manual systems and cover the benefits of industry-specific ERP software …

Overcoming service bottlenecks

In field service management, accurate information is essential to business planning and better decision-making. However, as explained by FierceCFO, many companies still rely on spreadsheets to manage call logging, work scheduling or creating invoices. As businesses evolve, data can become more complex, requiring investment of time and resources to manage and obtain valuable insights. Taking the focus off the service work, this can cause delays, ultimately jeopardising business agility.

Field service management software removes the need for manual processes, automating quoting, equipment orders and invoicing. Resource planning tools facilitate efficient allocation of calls to meet the agreed customer service level agreements (SLA) and ensure jobs are completed on time. The benefits heavily outweigh the cost of the software, improving response time and customer satisfaction while leading to what matters the most – revenue.

Optimising construction project performance

2015 Construction Technology Report shows the adoption of construction software has been slow last year, with many professionals relaying on spreadsheets to manage projects, calculations for materials, labour, and equipment. According to nearly 90% of all large spreadsheets contain errors and outdated information, leading to an increase in waste and significant projects delays, something we discussed here. This impacts directly on future projects, putting at risk the success rate and company’s market position.

Project-centric ERP software is company-wide providing invaluable business insight to help businesses gain greater control, improve margins and drive growth. By identifying areas of strength and weakness through interpretation of data, it can automate processes, keeping the administration costs down, improving delivery and completion times, improving cash flow and profitability.

Introducing quality data solutions

To keep up-to-date with the latest technology, make sure to visit the itShowcase where you will find a plethora of solutions for your construction and field service needs. A team of highly trained specialists from Xperience Dynamics will be demonstrating how NAVservice and NAVcontracts can manage the entire business from financials to supply chain and service contract management, facilitating transparency and process efficiency to provide a great return on investment (ROI).

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