Microsoft Dynamics NAV Mobile Service Management Software.
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Part of the NAVservice Service and Facilities Management application, NAVmobile enables you to manage calls and jobs from mobile devices. NAVmobile is fully integrated, which means calls can be be sent to and completed by remote workers. By implement NAVservice and NAVmobile it is possible to increase efficiency by eliminating the need for paper-based job sheets and facilitating real-time reporting and a slick billing process.

NAVmobile is a device independent solution that is fully configurable and allows for workflows and for requirements to be tailored to the needs and nature of your business, i.e. if you have specific health and safety check to be completed as part of the job these can be built into the workflow with onscreen prompts.

NAVmobile Key Features

Available Online and Offline

NAVmobile works on an online and offline mode. This means remote workers can continue to process calls on their mobile device when they are in a location without service. When the mobile device picks up a signal it will synchronise, pushing the relevant information back to NAVservice and allowing any newly allocated calls to be picked up.

Supports Multiple Platforms
NAVmobile works seamlessly on all Smartphones, tablets and rugged devices and supports multiple operating systems, including but not exclusive to Windows 8 and Android.

Works the way you do
Whether you want to create a simple workflow on a smartphone or a complicated process chain on a tablet device, NAVmobile is the tool for you. By delivering role-specific workflows to field workers, your service team can carry out an extended range of services in a timely fashion, to the highest standards.

Signature & Photo Capture
Signature capture functionality for call completion, surveys and checklists comes as standard with NAVmobile. What’s more, photographs can be taken throughout the call using the mobile device camera and retained against the call in NAVservice, i.e. proof of work or damaged equipment. All signatures and photographs can be stored against a call and embedded in reports and forms that can then be issued to customers as PDF documents.

Complete Surveys and Questionnaires
If your remote workers need to complete mandatory surveys and questionnaires can be built into the NAVmobile workflow, customised to matche the different call types. Workflows can be engineered so that workers have to complete the appropriate fields before being able to progress a call through to the next stages. This could include health and safety checklists, equipment calibration readings and customer satisfaction surveys. All information collected via the surveys is recorded directly back to Dynamics NAV.

SaaS’ or ‘On-Premise’ Deployment Options

With NAVmobile the choices are endless. It can be delivered as a subscription or licenced model and it can be deployed On-Premise or in the cloud as a SaaS application.

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NAVmobile service management for mobile

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