The Up To The Minute, Online Time Tracking Software Powered By Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365

Are you using spreadsheets to track your employees' time?

Do you waste time rekeying timesheets into your accounting solutions?

Is this a manual process and therefore time consuming for your business?

For many businesses the process of recording time sheets is manual. The employee completes a timesheet form via a spreadsheet or paper. The payroll or administration teams then rekey and process this information.

With the lengthy process of manual entry and risk of human error your current time tracking process could be costing you heaps of time, money and an ever-decreasing employee job satisfaction!

As part of our NAV/BC365 offering, the timesheets module means timesheets are completed, approved and processed from a portal, giving your staff access anywhere, at any time on any device!


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What will Timesheets365 do for your business?

If you're wondering whether moving your current processes to Timesheet365/NAV timesheets is worth it, we'll respond with a resounding 'YES'. Here are some of the many benefits you'll come across when you make the move:

  •  Save time rekeying data
  •  Reduce manual errors
  •  Increase your employee satisfaction
  •  A more efficient and profitable business
  •  Gain access to anywhere and anytime from any device
     Fast implementation
  •  Affordable per user / per month pricing
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The leakage of time can have a severe impact for businesses. Over 38% of potential billable revenue is lost to untracked time spent in jobs, meetings, emails and delays in filling in timesheets. Tracking employees' time promptly and accurately can boost revenue up to 61%.


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Who is Timesheets365 For?

Timesheets is a revolutionary module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Microsoft Dynamics Business Center 365, purpose built to help your business keep track of your workforce's time for payroll and billing. Timesheets is the ideal solution if you:

 Are currently running or considering a software change to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

 Process manual timesheets on a regular basis

 Feel your current timesheet track and record process can be time consuming

 Would like to eliminate all paper used for timesheets anywhere and anytime

 Can see the benefit of staff having access to timesheets anywhere and anytime

 Would benefit from real time timesheet updates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV


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