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Smart CRM, Job, Service and Financial Management Software Powered By Microsoft Dynamics NAV


 Do you enter the same information, multiple times in different systems?
 Is managing sales opportunities and quotes a pain? 
 Can you successfully schedule and plan installation and service calls?
 Wish you had visibility of financial information at every point of your sales, service and contract cycle?  

If you answered 'Yes' to any of those questions, Unite365 could be the solution for you!

Plan, manage and track your entire operation from initial quote through to install, service and beyond and with financials at its core, say goodbye to multiple standalone systems and manual financial imports!

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One Platform. Connecting Everyone. On Any Device.

Do you require a job & service management solution which also takes care of your CRM and ERP requirements, that will enable you to gain greater control of your business? This is what Unite365 delivers:

  •  A single system to run your business
  •  Functionality to support each department and team
  •  Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  •  Affordable per user/ per month pricing
  •  Fast implementation
     Accessible from PC, tablet or smartphone, anytime, anywhere.


Businesses that use a fully integrated CRM, Job and Service Management solution see a 10% improvement in efficiency through reduced paperwork, eliminating duplicate data and automated billing.

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Who Is It For?

Unite365 has been developed to meet the needs of businesses across various sectors. So, if you:

  Quote for jobs
  Have teams who go out to install
  Service the items that were installed
  Need to manage all the related financial processes

Unite365 is perfect for your business!

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What is Unite365 NOT?

  Unite365 is not like other solutions saying they are 'fully integrated'. Because it really is!

  Unite365 does not require 3rd party financial integration. Why? Because it's at the core of the solution.

  Unite365 does not require you to create manual, standalone reports. Everything is fully integrated.

  Unite365 is connected to every part of your business. From end to end. Don't believe us?

One System, Bringing Together Every Department, Team & Task

Unite365 isn't like most solutions on the market, which require integration to 3rd party financial systems. It's fully integrated and designed to support your operations across every department and team:

  Are you a Sales Manager? Arm your sales team with ammunition to sell!

Log and track opportunities, prepare estimates and manage quotations effectively. Check pricing along with lead times on kit, thanks to stock integration. With order confirmations going straight to jobs, there is no re-keying or delayed communications between the Sales and Scheduling teams!


  Are you an Installation Scheduling Manager? Effectively manage jobs & installs!

Ensuring the right people are in the right place, with the right tools and materials isn't an easy task, especially when it's done manually. Optimise your operation with effective job and install management, that gives you real-time visibility to better plan, schedule and dispatch.

  Are you a Contracts Manager?  Have the Power to manage and report on jobs with ease!

A well-managed job = a well-maintained customer relationship. And it makes your people's lives easier too. Easily create and plan job tasks, with the flexibility to tailor them when you need to! With inbuilt job reporting, you can quickly find out the profitability of your job(s)!

  Are you a Stock Manager? Get full visibility of your stock and warehouse!

With fully integrated stock control you can see what jobs can be fulfilled from stock and what needs to be ordered from suppliers. Real-time, accurate visibility of van stock makes replenishment easier, saving engineering time, money and fuel!

Are you a Maintenance or Support Manager? Easily schedule planned and reactive maintenance visits!

Preventative service visits are created automatically against the customer contract - giving you a complete picture of what's contracted at each site. You'll have full visibility of what's coming up, allowing for better planning, task and time management. A full picture gives engineers a heads up before arriving to reactive calls too.

 Are you a Finance Manager? Speed up your invoicing and maximise margins!

Avoid keyboard errors and save time with Unite365's superior billing and finance functionality. With information coming back in real-time, you'll always have an accurate picture of job and service call profitability and even better - be able to invoice straight away!

 Do you have Engineers in the Field?

With field staff at the heart of your organisation, Unite365 gives them the tools to keep everything connected. And it's not just jobs they can access, everything from CRM to Finance is available on their device, not to mention the ability to log photos, complete health & safety checks and raise PO's!

Empower your customers

An easy to access portal gives your customers that little extra control and comfort. Here, your clients can log calls, review previous call history and see when upcoming calls are planned. Happy customers = Happy Days! And, as your customers have the ability to log calls, reactive maintenance can be dealt with faster than ever before.

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Mobile Software for Mobile / Field Staff

Keep your entire operation connected by empowering your field staff, no matter where they are. Unite365 gives your field engineers the tools to:

 Send install and service jobs directly to engineers

 Provide detailed tasks for your engineers to complete

 Complete surveys and log all information about work completed

 Complete health & safety/ risk assessments

 Raise PO's for stock purchased from 3rd party retailers when they've ran out

 Capture photos of pre and post work along with annotations

 Capture customer signatures

 Stay connected as Head Office will receive all information in real time, feeding back into the scheduler

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